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7 Cool Python Project Ideas for Intermediate Developers

7 Cool Python Project Ideas for Intermediate Developers

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·May 15, 2021·

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In this article, we are going to see seven cool python project Ideas. As we all know and familiar with the popularity of Python. It has been one of the simple languages to learn. This language really deserves hype in today’s era and why not if it can solve a lot of real-world problems.

If you’re a developer then learning the syntax of a language is not enough….it’s important to know that how the concepts of a language can be applied to solve some real-world problems or challenges. Well, python is not an exception.

Python Projects.png

These projects are not too hard and not too easy. There will be some challenges while building these projects and you will really enjoy solving those problems. We have divided the projects into three categories:

  • Web Applications: Developers are responsible for building both the front-end and back-end parts of the application. As a python developer, your main focus would be the back-end part where all the business logic gets implemented. You can use some Python web frameworks such as Django and Flask.

  • Desktop GUI: Python is also helpful in making the desktop graphical user interface applications. You can also try these applications. Two most popular framework for desktop application :

    1. PySimpleGUI 2. PyQt5
  • Command-Line: Command-line applications work in a console window

Now let’s discuss some projects for all the above three categories

Web Projects

1 Quiz Application

Quizzes are always helpful in testing the knowledge, identifying the mistakes, and correcting those mistakes. Taking an online test is the best way to understand the concepts completely. Using Python you can create a Quiz application that will list out a series of questions for users and the users will be allowed to answer those questions.

Example : Click Here

2 URL Shortener Tool:

Are you familiar with some tools like and TinyURL? These tools shorten the URL and make them easy to remember.

Long URLs contain difficult characters and it’s not easy to remember them. These services reduce the characters or letters in URLs and return a new shorten URL to the user.

I have made one you can check the working of it here and integrate this in your web--> URL shortener program

3 WhatsApp Message Scheduler:

We programmer loves to automate things. automating my text messages on WhatsApp also saves lots of time & effort.

More Detail with implementation: Demonstration you can integrate the functionality part in your web.

GUI Projects

1 Alarm Clock:

Using alarm on working days has become a part of our life. Using Python you need to build an alarm software that allows users to set time for a certain condition and when the condition is met it should give an audio signal. This tool will work from the user’s laptop or desktop device.

Example : Click Here

2 MP3 Player:

The music player is the prerequisite to play a song Audio files are digital files and you can showcase your skill by building a tool MP3 player using Python. You need to build an MP3 player software that emulates the physical MP3 player. Using this software, users will be allowed to play MP3 files on the computer.

To handle the MP3 files and other digital audio files you can use pygame, pymedia and simpleaudio library in Python. These libraries allow you to work with multimedia files in a few lines of code.

Example : Click Here

Command-line Projects

1 File Renaming Tool: A lot of time we need to rename the files in our directory according to certain conventions. For example, File1.jpg, File2.jpg, File3.jpg, and this goes on. Doing this task manually can be repetitive and boring. To avoid this manual work, you can create a tool to rename a large number of files More Detail: click here)

2 Site Connectivity Checker:

Sometimes websites can be down and it can give some error message in the browser. This might happen due to some server issue. Here you can showcase your skill and build a site connectivity checker.

A site connectivity checker gives the status of a website, visiting the URL. It visits the URL at regular intervals and returns the results of each visit. Instead of visiting the URLs manually to check the site status, you can use this tool to monitor multiple websites from one page.

Example : Click here

So this is it for today!.

I hope you liked it!. Let's catch up in the next articles and Stay tuned.

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